Call for Papers


Call for Papers

For HaPoC 2013 we welcome contributions from logicians, philosophers and historians of computing as well as from philosophically aware computer scientists and mathematicians. Topics include but are not limited to:

1. Approaches to the notion of computing 

  • History and Philosophy of Computability (E.g., interpretation and actuality of the Church-Turing thesis; other models of computability ...)
  • History and Philosophy of Computation (E.g., Models of computing;  logical and mathematical foundations of computer science; information theory...)
  • History and Philosophy of Programming (E.g., Classes of  programming languages; philosophical status of programming...)
  • History and Philosophy of the Computer  (E.g., from calculating machines to the future of  the computer; quantum computing; abstract architectures...)

2. Applications and uses of Computing

  • History and Epistemology of the use of Computing in the sciences (E.g., simulation vs. modelisation;  computer-assisted proofs; exploration..
  • Computing and the Arts : historical and conceptual issues (temporality in digital art; narration in interactive art work...)
  • Social, ethical and paedagogical aspects of Computing (E.g., pedagogy of computer science;  algorithms and copyright; internet, culture and society...)
We cordially invite researchers working in a field relevant to the main topics of the conference to submit a short abstract of approximately 200 words and an extended abstract of at most a 1000 words (references included) to
Abstracts must be written in English and anonymized. Please note that the format of uploaded files must be .pdf or .doc.

In order to access the submission page, the creation of an EasyChair account will be required. Please notice that what is called “abstract” in the EasyChair “Title, Abstract and Other Information” section corresponds to the short abstract of this call, and what is called “paper” in the EasyChair “Upload Paper” section corresponds to the extended abstract of this call.


Submission deadline: May 15th, 2013 (Extended)

Notification of acceptance: July 1st, 2013

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